About The Show

Capitol Details

The Capitol Building truly is one of Nebraska's treasures. I've been awestruck by the interior since I was a kid exploring Lincoln on my bicycle. I take all my out of town visitors there as a mandetory "tourist" stop. All of them have been very impressed after leaving. Bertran Goodhue, truely created a unique masterpiece for the people of Nebraska.

I've flirted with photographing the Capitol building, but never have done anything other than an early Photoshop creation for a Christmas card. I've photographed several assignments inside the Capitol, and have always said, "I need to do some serious exploration there."

This show represents a start in that direction.

Instead of trying to do "classical documentation", I concentrated on accentuating my own personal impressions. I love abstracting details, this collection of images is no exception.

John Nollendorfs