Latvian Refugees 1950
These photographs of my family in transit camp, Wentorf, Germany and on the ship crossing a very rough Atlantic, were taken by my oldest brother Valters. Relocating from German to the US lasted from March 1950 until May 13, our arrival in New York after a week at sea.

In the early 1950's, he created a montage of these photographs and then left the negatives in a Hershey's Milk Chocolate boxe along with the photo enlarger and other things which got me started in photography. I have kept this box all these years hoping to get around to using the images for something.

Recently, I became interested in a project to collect these kind of pictures from Latvian refugees throughout the world, and archive them at the Latvian Photography Museum in Riga. Possible projects could include a book and an exhibit.

If you know of any family photographs depicting the exodous from Latvia in 1944 and the travel to new homes in the "free world", please contact me.

Boarding in Bremerhaven
Three BrothersIn Camp with Cakepan
Good Ship BallouLife Jacket Drill
On DeckBoy Scouts Cooking